National Builder Supply - Told $100. shipping to return items and was charged $291.


I Ordered wrong color and when called to change, it was already shipped.I asked about return policy, he said you just have to pay for return freight.

The freight he quoted was to be about $100.00. Then we were charged $291.00. That is a big difference from $100.00. Very disappointed the fee was so high.

They offer free shipping and then charge a real high fee if you return.Never opened or accepted delivery as I was told it would be cheaper to just not accept and return.

Watch out if you have to return something.

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National Builder Supply

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At least the other reviewer got his damaged toilets! I found some lights I loved. I could afford them too! i had been looking for two years to find the lights I loved and could afford. They said the lights were out of stock but that was okay. I paid up front and I was willing to wait. I was happy about it all day long!

I got home from work and there was a message on my computer that the order had been cancelled by National Builders and my card credited. Not a message from National Builders, a message from my card company.

I thought "What the heck?"

I called and someone told me they had stopped carrying them. I got on my email account and there was a message that the manufacturer had discontinued them. (I was upset over this as much as I had been happy before. I told them they should remove the page from their website then!

Later I am going through earlier emails and there is one saying that they can't sell me the lamps for the price on the page because that is below their cost. I can reorder them for an extra amount that would bring them up to the price that had been crossed out above the discount price. That sounds like bait and switch to me so now I am really pissed off.

I went to the manufacturer's website for a live chat and guess what? They are out of stock but he can't find anything saying they have been discontinued.

I email the company back and the person gives me the number of the company I just talked too. I told her what they said and that was the end of communication apparently.

No pretty lamps for me at a price I can afford! AFter searching for two years and not settling for anything that I only liked instead of loved, am I pissed? YOU BETCHA!

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National Builder Supply - Charged for recieving damaged goods!

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I ordered expensive toilets for our remodel.When they arrived they sat in the garage until my contractor needed to instal them.

When he opened the boxes they were broken. Called National Builders supply and they said you only have 48 hours to contact us but we can sell you the broken parts at a discount and ship theose out today. So I had to buy what they already charged me for again! This is bad buisiness, if you are going to offer shippment make sure they are packed well to avoid breakage.

This is not my fault yet I had to pay them again to get my project finished...


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This person has no one to blame but themselves. It is clearly stated that you have 48 hours to file a damage claim. :cry

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